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Testimonials for "Work that Reconnects" Retreats

“I was humbled by the clarity, brilliance and breadth of both the leadership and participants in the "Awakening the Courageous Heart" workshop. It was a breath of fresh air for heart and mind which has left me opened up to give & receive more of life."   Ron Kearns

“The Work that Reconnects intensive led by Molly and Constance was transformational. I was drawn to this program because I was longing to be an elder activist but felt lost, overwhelmed and confused. Moving through the spiral of this profound and provocative process, I emerged with a fire in my belly. The circle that formed during those five days remains connected and supportive. Only a month after the workshop,  I notice I am beginning to walk the walk, to talk the talk and to engage in conscious activism in my community.  As a workshop leader, I enjoyed watching the way that Constance and Molly worked together. They guided and held our group with ease, joy, and a deep familiarity and confidence in The Work that Reconnects.”   Margo Frank

“The most valuable part of the workshop for me was discovering the incredible passion and intensity in the hearts and minds of its participants. Finding out I'm not alone in my desire to make a positive difference was life changing. Thank you for your excellent work in this regard.”  Johnnie Painter

“Shed your despair, Elders, awaken into the real presence of other passionate Elders and the very meaning of that word. The "Work That Reconnects" went right into my heart and into the hearts of those around me, whom I did not know at all when I first entered the room.  Our very first exercise, just introducing ourselves to each other brought tears to my face and inner joy that never stopped. Our common desire to make a difference in the world that we find ourselves, our common grief and our shared love for life was all that the leaders needed to take us through the amazing soul wrenching work of the Joanna Macy, Molly Brown and Constance Washburn team.  

“Becoming part of the CEN and now joining a national team for Climate Change has given me a cadre of colleagues to work with who are inspired, energetic and knowledgeable.

“If you are serious about doing something valuable with the time you have here on this blessed planet, this workshop is the place to start.”   Mike Lerner

"Simply being present and attentive with a group of people who are committed to this work is inspiring and restorative for me. My connection with the world (within and without) feels deeper…."   Raven Gray, Co-Founder of Transition USA

"Overall, I am so moved. I am nourished from being with human beings that love life, feel a full range of emotions, and value the importance of expressing feelings with each other. To be present with people who truly care is very powerful indeed!"   A Retreat Participant