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Soil not Oil Conference

September 9th – 11th, come together with leading activists, visionaries, scientists, farmers, and people like you and I. The 2018 Soil Not Oil International Conference is a community powered narrative that addresses those most affected by climate change. Sign up for our updates to see-What keynotes and presenters we have so far and what the schedule will look like (free meals, keynotes, breakouts, actions, entertainment, film screening, open mixing time). Opportunities will include Book sales, chance to network, important cutting edge presentations about regenerating soil, how to heal the planet and create socially just healthy economies for oppressed people.

The 2018 Soil Not Oil Conference will bring together people passionate about restoring global systems of food, climate, ecology, and justice while eliminating usage of fossil fuels and agrochemicals. Farmers, organizers, scientists, policy makers, and activated people will converge for a deep dive into the worlds of implementable, community-powered solutions.

September 09, 2018 at 9am - September 11, 2018

Will you come?