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Regenerative and Sustainable Living (RSL)


We are building the RSL Action Group to address the broad question: How do we live and act more sustainably in accord with what our Earth home can continually support and sustain? This is in response to knowing that if everyone lived and consumed as we do, it would require multiple planets. Our current lifestyle will not be available for our grandchildren and all future generations.

We will first examine together RSL elements that have already been developed (e.g. co-housing, electric automotive transportation, low-meat diets). Our learning will be via monthly virtual meetings, limited homework, and occasional regional field trips. We will then set ourselves to make incremental changes in our lifestyles according to our new knowledge and what is feasible for our individual situations. This will include working with others to transform our communities and to support government policies and legislation that address our need to change.

We will work to form regional groups of RSL-interested elders to facilitate related local events. We will post and promote our learning and information on how to apply these to our individual and community situations.

Later we will explore prototyping some of the ideas that we have explored. For example, we may initiate or join an on-going urban garden or an “agri-hood” consisting of a small village connected to an acreage of farmland. We may create a local sharing economy.

This will be exploratory activity. We will work together to develop the subject matter and the learning and transformation processes that we will follow.

RSL meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of the month via Zoom video conferencing.

Our next meeting will be September 20th

2 - 3:30 pm PDT      5 - 6:30 pm EDT

Our next several RSL meetings will consist of us taking the Northwest Earth Institute sustainable living course together.

Register for the Northwest Earth Institute Sustainable Living Course:

  1. Go to the NWEI web page ""
  2. Click on Discussion Course Books, then Course Book Descriptions
  3. Click on 'Order' button for "Choices for Sustainable Living 2018"
  4. I choose the ebook for $33 to save using paper. (I had trouble downloading to my iPad but eventually got it in the iBook app.
  5. Read intro and the first chapter up to page 33.

If you have trouble, NWEI has been very responsive to my email questions. When you buy a book you're automatically registered with NWEI, so no need to fill out the registration form.

Let us know if you have trouble downloading the book
The Zoom link for Sept 18th is

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