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Conscious Elders Network Foundation Workshop

IMG_2642.jpgA Bay Area Conscious Elders Network team has recently completed development of CEN's new Foundation Workshop, a seven-session or three-session introductory course. It presents the fundamental principles upon which CEN was founded, and we begin the workshop by examining what it means to be an elder and to be growing in consciousness. We then illuminate some of the critical social and environmental issues of this time, followed by identifying opportunities we have to address these issues. Finally, we explore how each of us can find meaning and purpose by becoming engaged in one or more of these opportunities. 

The workshop is structured to include on-line enrichment videos and resources for each session, along with journaling assignments for creating a deeper personal connection with the subject matter. Over the last three months, 20 of us have been beta-testing a webinar version of the Foundation Workshop. Participants have found it a stimulating and rewarding experience of exploring and embracing the elements of meaningful elderhood! (Click here for a more detailed description of the workshop.) 

We are now offering our first 'in-person' workshop in Palo Alto, and we will be combining the seven sessions into three extended Saturday meetings in late April and May. There is no charge for this workshop, and we hope that those attending will help us further refine it. We invite you to participate and gain knowledge of our CEN roots, meet other spirited elders, and consider ways that you can become engaged! 

SF Bay Area Foundation Workshop 
4076 Orme Street, Palo Alto

Saturday, May 20th and 27th       from 10am - 5pm
Final Session TBA      from 9am - 9pm

Participants are asked to bring a sack lunch to each session
Dinner on the 27th will be a potluck

To RSVP, please call or e-mail Christine Rosche (650.856.3151)