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2 Session webinar, Sundays, August 12 and 26, 2-4 pm PST

by ZOOM,

Conscious Elders Network/ Elder Activists for Social Justice- Molly Arthur and Molly Brown


What is needed of us -- as elders -- in today's world? In a time and society that has lost its connection with Nature and our original earth-centered traditions and lineages, where do we find the role models that will guide us in discovering our roles and responsibilities as elders?  How can we use our years of life experience, our perspective, wisdom, and resources to contribute to the healing of our world?


As we wrestle with these questions, we commit ourselves to understanding how we got here -- the explicit truth of our history as Americans. To determine the best way forward, we must understand our past -- the colonists, missionaries, slave-holders and capitalists that have built our American empire. We will look at the unvarnished truth of what we are living today -- so that we can activate ourselves to compel a caring and thriving future.


We will open our eyes and hearts, and discover how we can work together to be true Elders and stand up for what is morally needed of us.  This is the moment to reclaim our moral voice -- the voice that speaks for the welfare of all, and holds accountable those who perpetuate a long continuing history of dominance, division, exploitation, and greed. This is our Sacred Activism -- which springs from our inner urging to create our legacy for future generations -- protecting all our children and grandchildren, restoring Mother Earth and regenerating a flourishing world.  


Our time together will be framed by the exploration of current social injustices and their effects on people, especially communities most at risk from climate chaos and our planetary life support systems, questioning: How did we get here? Where are we now? How is this affecting us as Elders in our service to the world? How can we reconnect with all beings within the web of life?  

"Raícism, or rootedness, is the choice to bear witness to our specific, contradictory historical identities in relationship to one another. It is an accounting of the debts and assets we have inherited, and acknowledging the precise nature of that inheritance is an act of spiritual and political integrity."   Aurora Levins Morales


Come join a deep examination of our elderhood and our needed, pivotal role in restoring our legacy to our children and grandchildren and to all life. How can we elders find truly right relationship with today's crisis-ridden world?

To begin with read this article:  Embracing rootedness and radical genealogy- the legacy of relationships can be a blunt instrument for change, by Aurora Levins Morales

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August 12, 2018 at 2pm - 4pm
Molly Arthur ·
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