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 We hope you can join us for the Elder Activists for Social Justice (EASJ) committee meeting  July 20, 9:30-11 am PST to help plan upcoming events ins Sept and Oct---Examining the Roots of Injustice in Our American History 

Click HERE for meeting agenda

The EASJ committee has put aside the July 20 regular EASJ public meeting to hold an internal planning meeting on our  two hour webinar to be held on Saturday, Sept 23, 9:30-11:30 for the general public. We have called it Examining the Roots of Injustice in Our American History. We also are planning  a follow up workshop in the San Francisco Bay Area for one or two days October 14-15, 2017. There will be a follow up workshop held on the East Coast as well. 


 This is the culmination of our last six months of meetings that had organically grown into a  sequence of examination of colonialism in the US, Indigenous experience and the influence of the "Doctrine of Discovery". 


Over the past 500 years the Doctrine of Discovery has established patterns of domination and dehumanization that have become institutionalized in language, thought, and behavior in our cultural and legal systems. White privilege, patriarchy and climate disruption, are just some of the current harms legitimized by the Doctrine of Discovery/Domination.


Here is a flyer for the Sept. 23rd Webinar. There is a PPT that may be good as the basis of the webinar that can be shared with those who RSVP- we would want to have interactive process time within the webinar, possibly break out rooms, or chat or even group notations that can be seen by all. So we would like help planning this event to attract a larger audience to CEN- we will do special promotion and effort to get a good response.

The October workshop is open for our planning, there has been some discussions about incorporating the Quaker workshop that John Sorenson and Pat Hoertdorfer participated in and can now facilitate which is a two hour process with strong experiential components to it. We then were thinking of  incorporating some Work the Reconnects processes facilitated by Molly Young Brown. We are quite interested in exploring the possibility of a second day with invited speakers/facilitators from the communities of Indigenous and People of Color, to start an on-going dialog with these communities. 

This is the time to pull together the different ideas that have been floating through our many discussions around social justice. This is a visionary opening for all of us to consider, please join us in this endeavor.

PS: Carl Anthony has agreed to speak at our August 17 EASJ Zoom conference, the announcement is being finalized , but he will speak to the history of slavery and the Doctrine of Discovery and African American experience.

It should be compelling, I hope you can make it

July 20, 2017 at 9:30am - 11am
Molly Arthur ·

Will you come?