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We Are Proud To Announce…

DEATH CAFÉ IS A “VIRTUAL” WINNER!cup_with_eggs.png

CEN’s Conscious Living, Aging & Dying (CLAD) Team is enthusiastically announcing that we are now having a monthly Death Café on the 3rd Monday of the month starting Monday from 9 -11 am PDT / Noon - 2 pm EDT.

Last August, we were honored to have our CEN Member Barbara Sarah facilitate a Death Café for our CLAD Community Conversation. It was extremely rich and well received. So now you can bring your cup of tea and join us by Zoom video conferencing for one of the very few online Death Café opportunities.

Barbara is a longtime community activist, counselor, social worker, teacher, mentor, beloved friend of many, mother and grandmother. Last year she was the recipient of the Ulster County award “Most Outstanding Contribution by a Senior Citizen.” Her youthful energy, humor, warmth, and infinite capacity for empathy is instantly obvious. She refers to herself as a “social artist.” Read more about Barbara in the article below. Barbara has now done over 51 Death Café gatherings across the country.

Click HERE for resources from out September 18th Death Cafe

What is a Death Café?

At a Death Café people, often strangers, gather to eat cake, drink tea and talk about death. 

The objective is “to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their (finite) lives.” 

Death Cafés are always offered: 

  • On a not for profit basis. 
  • In an accessible and respectful space,
  • With no intention of leading people to any conclusion, product or course of action, 
  • Alongside refreshing drinks and nourishing food – and cake! 

Death Cafés have spread quickly across Europe, North America and Australia, and since September 2011 they are currently held in 51 countries. The developers have clearly established that there are people who are keen to talk about death and many attendees become passionate enough to organize their own Death Café. 

The Death Café model was developed by Jon Underwood and Sue Barsky Reid. Those who offer Death Café’s remain continually energized by the amazing quality of the dialogue at their events and are overwhelmed by the positive interest they received.  

Everyone has their own reasons for participating in a Death Café, read more http://deathCafé.com/what/

It is customary to have tea and cake so we invite you to settle in, bring a cup of tea and your treat of choice to join us in a conversation that has contributed to tens of thousands of individuals living and aging more consciously.

“I appreciated the format: the initial context setting in a large group by Barbara Sarah, a veteran convener of Death Cafe's, and coming back to the large group for a final debrief. I was also very surprised to experience the rich and thoughtful intimacy our small group was able to create using video conferencing. I'm really looking forward to the next one."

--Meg Newhouse, Ph.D., and author of Legacies of the Head 


“So refreshing to talk about death in a lighthearted way. The conversation grew in meaning as our dark fears evaporated in the light of common experience. I know these discussions will make it easier for me to talk to my family about how I want to die.”

--With gratitude, Geoff (76 years young)


In the meantime…

…if you are interested, you might want to take a look at some of the following information prior to the call.

A meaningful life: Barbara Sarah, Woman of Many Accomplishments, Honored by County, article by Lynn Woods in hv1 news.

Steve Jobs speaks about death (4 mins)

A message from Donna Molloy: Jon Underwood’s wife’s statement following Jon’s sudden death June 27, 2017

Dying to Talk BBC Documentary (49 mins)

Joining Our Conversations

Death Café are on the 3rd Monday of the month starting Monday, September 18th from 9 -11 am PDT / Noon - 2 pm EDT.

We will be using Zoom video conferencing, which is very easy to access by computer, tablet, smartphone or regular telephone. We will be starting each meeting on time so please connect 15 minutes before the call so that the host can help with any technical difficulties or questions you may have. Once the call starts the host will be not be able to help with connection issues.

Link here for instruction and access to Zoom conferencing

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