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Engaging our hearts, minds and hands to act on behalf of life


The Conscious Elders Network (CEN) is a movement of vital elders, dedicated to growing in consciousness while actively addressing the demanding challenges facing our country and Earth.

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Workshop Description

Our CEN Foundation Workshop (CEN 101) presents the fundamental premise of why we exist as CEN – to reclaim and take up our sorely-needed roles as conscious elders within our communities and globally. The course covers the underlying principles and ideas of CEN and invites a shift from individual self to global self and from “ aging older” to “empowered Elder”.  

The Foundations Workshop focuses on the following elements:

  • The fundamental, time-honored role of being an elder;
  • The meaning of living and being conscious;
  • Issues creating/underlying the troubled state of our world;
  • Opportunities for making a difference by addressing these issues;
  • Balancing an inner “growing in consciousness” life with outer social and environmental justice actions;
  • Choosing your way of engagement – of giving back; and
  • Acknowledging and celebrating our working together in community.

Participants will be introduced to new ideas, actions, and structures that can help heal our world and shift personal and collective consciousness. We will contribute to building a community of elders who connect deeply to one another and forge bonds for moving forward with action in the world, as well as growing in consciousness.

Workshop Resources

Texts: Thomas Berry, The Great Work; Joanna Macy & Chris Johnstone, Active Hope;

Other sources: an online collection of videos, readings, and links to partner elder organizations.

Click HERE to view Workshop Outline 

Offering the Workshop in your Community

CEN is currently developing both in-person and webinar versions of the Foundations Course that will be ready to go in early Spring. If you are interested in having the workshop offered in your community, please contact Pam Nichols of our EDU team.

What participants have said about the workshop...

“The CEN Foundations course gives a superb overview of what CEN is about as well as going into depth, especially through the varied, imaginative, and potentially transformative experiential exercises, as well as the rich resources.  You will emerge more knowledgeable and wiser -- not only about what Conscious Elders Network really means but also about how you want to embrace your elderhood and contribute to making our world and earth a better home for our great, great grandchildren.  This workshop will be valuable for CEN "old-timers" as well as new members.“  

-- Meg Newhouse, Passion & Purpose LifeCrafting, Founder of the Life Planning Network, CEN "old-timer"

"This course lays the foundation for our thinking, acting and being needed to preserve all life for all future time. If there is one course that says everything about everything, this is it. In a world exploding with information, how do we decide what to let in. This gives participants the keys to what's important and a method by which to choose."  

-- Geoff Ainscow, producer of a Walk Through Time, CEN “ old timer”.


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