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Core Curriculum

We inherently know that root causes of the critical social, economic, and environmental issues we face derive from our collective human ignorance and the prevailing, self-absorbed culture in which we live.

We do not understand that each of us and all elements of life are interconnected within our Earth home. Our culture champions the individual rather than the welfare of our communities.

This can only be regenerated by education, taken in its broadest sense to include growth in both rational and transcendent aspects of continuous learning. Gaining in knowledge of how our interconnected Earth system works, and in uncovering and shifting our unconscious and complicit support of our human dysfunction is a major element of our CEN mission.
Our need for education is twofold – gain essential knowledge and grow in consciousness while being committed to act on these as we proceed.

Working together with our partners we are building a curriculum of courses, workshops, retreats, and information distribution that addresses our collective educational needs. We begin by offering five such opportunities:

  • CEN Foundation Workshops
  • Sage-ing International (SI) Intensive Retreats
  • Choosing Conscious Elderhood Retreats
  • Work That Reconnects (WTR) Retreats
  • Pachamama On-line Game Changer Intensive

The following provides brief descriptions of each opportunity with links to more detail, a schedule of future offerings, and the process for how to enroll. If you know which of these opportunities you would like to experience you may go directly to its schedule within our EVENTS page.

Conscious Elders Network (CEN) Foundation Workshop

Our CEN Foundation Workshop presents the fundamental premise of why we exist as CEN – to reclaim and take up our sorely-needed roles as conscious elders within our communities and globally. The course covers the underlying principles and ideas of CEN and invites a shift from individual self to global self and from “aging older” to “empowered Elder”.  Six sessions cover the role of the elder, the state of the world requiring us to step up, and the opportunities for elders to engage in making a positive difference. Lean more HERE.

Sage-ng Intensive (SI) Retreat

Sage-ing provides skills, philosophies, perspectives, and tools to improve the second half of life not by trying to pretend we are not growing older, but by recognizing the value of experience and responding in practical, positive ways to the changes in our lives. Sage-ing Intensive workshops provide further opportunities to explore the qualities of sage-ing and to harvest life experiences leading to further growth throughout our lives. Learn more HERE.

Choosing Conscious Elderhood Retreat

This signature program of the Center for Conscious Eldering is offered in a weeklong format at retreat centers set amid stunning natural beauty. It is a retreat for people who seek to deepen their experience of calling, passion and service in the elder third of life. Working within the framework of the three-stage dynamic of  life transition, this program’s major themes includes life review, legacy, finding purpose, envisioning one’s ideal elderhood, intentionality, storytelling, deep sharing, and a day of solitude on the land.  Choosing Conscious Elderhood has been offered by Ron Pevny, author of Conscious Living, Conscious Aging, and colleagues for 16 years at Ghost Ranch and other retreat centers across North America. Learn more HERE.

Work That Reconnects (WTR) Retreat

The Work That Reconnects retreat provides tools and practices for inner development, foundational permaculture understandings, sustainable living, and healthy communication- cultivating one’s unique gifts and passions to be offered toward the healing of our world. You learn to see with new eyes and discover ways to go forth in making a vital difference. Truly meaningful work tested by time… Learn more HERE.

Pachamama Game Changer Intensive (GCI)

This program integrates indigenous wisdom with modern knowledge to support personal and collective transformation that is the catalyst to bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on this planet. The Game Changer Intensive is an online course that will inspire you and equip you to become a game-changing leader in social, ecological and governance causes. Learn more HERE