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Welcome to the Conscious Living, Aging and Dying's
Community Conversations  

“Monday is a great day to talk about life!”  ~Barbara Sarah

CLAD is now sponsoring a monthly Death Café, check it out HERE

We invite you to join us for our Conscious Living, Aging and Dying (CLAD) community calls on the 2nd Thursday of each month to participate in conversations of interest to you and the broader CEN readership.  We will be using this page to introduce the topic for each of our calls, to share any resources or information we think you might want to look at before or after the call, and to give you the details of when and how to participate. Learn more about CLAD.

Miss our last meeting? Watch them in our Archive!

We Are Proud To Announce…

DEATH CAFÉ IS A “VIRTUAL” WINNER!cup_with_eggs.png

CEN’s Conscious Living, Aging & Dying (CLAD) Team is enthusiastically announcing that we are now having a monthly Death Café on the 3rd Monday of the month starting Monday, September 18th from 9 -11 am PDT / Noon - 2 pm EDT.

Last August, we were honored to have our CEN Member Barbara Sarah facilitate a Death Café for our CLAD Community Conversation. It was extremely rich and well received. So now you can bring your cup of tea and join us by Zoom video conferencing for one of the very few online Death Café opportunities.

Barbara is a longtime community activist, counselor, social worker, teacher, mentor, beloved friend of many, mother and grandmother. Last year she was the recipient of the Ulster County award “Most Outstanding Contribution by a Senior Citizen.” Her youthful energy, humor, warmth, and infinite capacity for empathy is instantly obvious. She refers to herself as a “social artist.” Read more about Barbara in the article below. Barbara has now done over 51 Death Café gatherings across the country. Learn more HERE.


What’s Next?

CLAD is planning to continue its offerings of engaging community calls and dialogue, with plans already in the works for the rest of this year.  Please mark your calendars for the following CLAD community calls and webinar programs:

End of Year Community Conversations:

  • October 12: Conscious Living and Aging, hosted by Carol Tornow and Pam Nichols

  • November 9: Go WishA positive way to explore values and wishes about your end-of-life care with guest Dr. Susan Wright

  • December 14: Family Holidays – Expectations, Illusions and Reality, hosted by Pam Nichols and Carol Tornow


First Quarter 2018 Online Workshops:

  • January: Dying to Live a six session online workshop with Dr. Susan Wright

  • March: End of Life: Step-by-Step Planning workshop on-line and self-directed with Dr. Karen Wyatt.


We would also love to hear your suggestions for call topics for 2018!  Please let either of us know if there is an interest you may have related to conscious living, aging and / or dying that you would like to explore on a CEN community call.  You can reach Pam at  and Carol at .

Joining Our Conversations

Our 2-hour CLAD conversations will be on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 9am PDT / Noon EDT

We will be using Zoom video conferencing, which is very easy to access by computer, tablet, smartphone or regular telephone. We will be starting each meeting on time so please connect 15 minutes before the call so that the host can help with any technical difficulties or questions you may have. Once the call starts the host will be not be able to help with connection issues.

Link here for instruction and access to Zoom conferencing

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October’s Community Conversation. . .

What Does it Mean to Live Consciously?image005_copy.jpg

Thursday, October 12th    9 -11 am PDT / Noon - 2 pm EDT

The focus of our October conversation will be to explore and dialogue on what comes to us when we see and hear the words Conscious Living, Aging and Dying.  We will share our perceptions on what it means to live consciously, to age consciously, and how we might embrace our mortality with conscious intention and attention. 

We will have open conversations, in small groups, about how we interpret and can illuminate on these ideas, what we mean by them, and what it means to live our elder years in this way.  After our small group conversations, we will come together to share our insights about what conscious living, aging and dying looks or might look like, the rewards of living life in this way, and if there are challenges in doing so. 

Come and join us!

Before the Call:

You might find some of these readings, books, videos and websites inspiring prior and after to the call.