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Welcome to the Conscious Living, Aging and Dying
Community Conversations  

2nd Thursday of each month at 9am PST      Noon EST

We will be taking a break from our December Conversation
and using our time wisely to start planning for an engaging and topic full 2018.

Untitled.jpgWe are looking at our conversations as a Roadmap for navigating through the many pathways related to conscious living, aging and dying.  What do we hope to gain by having these conversations?  First, we want to eliminate feelings of isolation and increase opportunities for understanding around issues, challenges and opportunities.  Second, we want to create a safe space to explore, share and learn with one another from each of our own unique experiences.  And third, recognizing that our time on each topic will be limited, together we will provide many ideas and resources for taking a deeper dive into each topic that we address. 

What’s on the horizon?

Potential Milestones on Our Conversational Roadmap

Conscious Living

  • Living Choices - How will we Live, and Why?
  • Paying Attention-Living Mindfully in the Present
  • End of Life Choices & Planning (Legal Docs, Five Wishes, etc.)
  • 360 Degree Living
  • Living with Love and Compassion
  • Finding Joy and Meaning
  • Sacred Service
  • Living with Vulnerability


Conscious Aging

  • Aging Choices - What’s on YOUR Bucket List?
  • Legacy Letters - What Gifts will you give?
  • Letting Go - Embracing the Aging Process
  • Grieving the Losses of Aging
  • Telling Your Story (Life Videos, Memory Books, etc.)
  • Explore and Celebrating the Freedoms and Gifts of Aging
  • Forgiving Self and Others
  • Longevity:  How much is Too much?  How much is Enough?


Conscious Dying

  • Death, the Mysterious Ending (or Beginning?)
  • Dancing with Death
  • Green Burials
  • Euthanasia,  Hospice Care, Death Doulas
  • End of Life Trends, Rituals & Traditions Across Cultures
  • Letting Go of Loved Ones
  • Create a Dharma Box
  • Writing Your Obituary - 6 Words or Less?!
  • How We Die Wise

We would also love to hear your suggestions on topics for 2018!  Please let either of us know if there is a special interest you may have related to conscious living, aging and/or dying that you would like us to explore. You can reach Pam at  and Carol at .

Miss our last meeting? Watch it in our Archive!

Joining Our Conversations

Our 2-hour CLAD conversations will be on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 9am PST      Noon EST

We invite you to join us our for community calls on the 2nd Thursday of each month starting again on January 11th 2018. We will be using Zoom video conferencing, which is very easy to access by computer, or regular telephone. If you choose to use your tablet or smartphone, be sure to download the Zoom app ahead of time. We will start each meeting on time so please connect 15 minutes before the call so that the host can help with any technical difficulties or questions you may have. Once the call starts the host will be unable to help with connection issues.

Remember to pre-schedule your calendar on the 2nd Thursday of each month for our CLAD community calls and webinar programs.

Link here for instruction and access to Zoom video conferencing