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CEN Community Conversations (CCC’s)


The Conscious Elders Network invites you to join us for lively, open and enlightening conversations that will engage, inspire and inform you.

What is a Community Conversation?

CEN Community Conversations (CCC's) is a new home for lightly facilitated, educational and interactive online conversations on a variety of topics relevant to elders of all ages.  These conversations may be educational, with guest experts, pre-readings or videos to stimulate your thinking, or action-oriented, focused on planning for future activities, events or initiatives driven by CEN’s mission and vision.  No matter the topic, each community call will give you an opportunity to share your own questions, opinions, thoughts or concerns about the topic at hand.

Who Hosts These Calls?

Community Conversations will be hosted by various CEN teams working to support and expand our knowledge, or by action teams leading initiatives focused on their specific agendas. We also look forward to hearing from our visitors and members about subjects and content of interest to them. 

Please Join US!

Currently, three CEN teams are hosting these conversations, including: 

  • The Elder Activists for Social Justice (EASJ); is concerned with deepening our understanding of the root causes of social justice issues, with a particular emphasis on racism, white privilege, linked oppressions, and income disparity, plus the many ways these issues impact our society.
  • The Conscious Living, Aging and Dying (CLAD); life is like a labyrinth, if we are alive, we are on the “One Path” that leads unfailingly to the center. No one is lost. CLAD conversations inspire us to set aside time for generational, educational and contemplative dialogue and inquiry about what matters now. 
  • The Wisdom Council (WC); the mission of the Wisdom Council is to align our inner practices with our outer actions and to introduce a sense of the sacred. We spend time together holding this sacred space, then expanding and directing the energetic field from our small community into a larger, even global, one. 
  • A New Worldview (NW); We tend to see the Earth as an object, a thing, in service to us. We use it as our pantry, our lumber yard and our waste dump, which has led to polluted air, depleted soil and poisoned oceans. We need a vital New Worldview…How is a Worldview developed? How can we change our Worldview? What will change if we develop The New Worldview? With these questions be prepared to reflect, explore and discover a generative New Worldview, and more!

Missed a CCC?

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Learn more about the current conversations each group will be hosting by clicking on the links above. There you will find the topics and timing of each call, and how to connect using Zoom Meeting technology. 

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We look forward to you joining us on these conversations as we bring our unique and collective perspectives, experience, and knowledge together.