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August/September Events

CEN Community Conversations

Elder Activists for Social Justice

Doctrine of Discovery

Thursday, August 17th, from 9:30-11 am Pacific time, 12:30-2 pm Eastern time

For this Community Conversation we will continue our exploration of the Doctrine of Discovery with guests Carl Anthony and Paloma Pavel, co-founders of the Breakthrough Communities Project in Oakland, CA.

Chaines_2.JPGchristo.jpegCarl Anthony will talk about the history of slavery and its relationship to the Doctrine of Discovery through his unique lens of cosmology and race. Paloma Pavel will touch on practical stories from frontline communities, plus promising initiatives and tools for community involvement. Our goal is to stimulate reflection, conversation, deeper understanding and appropriate action toward justice and healing. Learn more about this CCC HERE.

Wisdom Council

Thursday, August 24th from 4-5:30 pm Pacific Time; 7-8:30 pm Eastern time


Our hour and a half “community conversation" expands a format designed to cut through to a core issue and then deepen dialogue around our response to that issue. The conversations start with a welcome, which is followed by an inspiring reading and a few minutes of silence. This moves us into a practice of subtle activism, which might include a guided visualization or meditation. The focus of the session is on a question posed by the our SA guide or prompted by a response to our current life experience. This experience could be one inspired by a CEN initiative or by a world event. Learn more about this CCC HERE.

Conscious Living, Aging, and Dying

It's Time to change how we Think about the End-of-Life

Thursday, September 14th from 9-11 am Pacific Time; Noon-2 pm Eastern time

extremities.pngJoin us online to watch and discuss the film Extremis, a 2016 Oscar nominated short film, that follows ER doctors, families, and patients as they make the most difficult end-of-life decisions.

Dr. Karen Wyatt will be our guide, supporter, and inspiration as we take steps to change our cultural mindsets about death and dying, and that of society as well.

For further information, click here.


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Online Webinar

Examining the Roots of Injustice In Our American History

mission.JPGSaturday, September 23, 9:30-11:30 am PST

Hosted by Elder Activists for Social Justice Team

In this webinar, we will look at the Doctrine of Discovery and its impact on America's indigenous peoples. We will view videos which include indigenous voices and experiences, and share our responses in small groups. We will honor our very valid feelings of pain, grief, horror, anger with compassionate acceptance so that our self-identity may change in the process. Learn more and RSVP HERE

Partner Events

THE WORK THAT RECONNECTS: Take Part in the Healing of Our World
Oct 6-8, 2017

Pendle Hill Retreat Center, Wallingford, PA

Led by Lynne Iser and Mordechai Liebling

This dynamic, interactive workshop is based on the teachings of Joanna Macy. It has inspired many thousands of people to engage wholeheartedly in working for a life-sustaining society by turning despair and apathy in the face of social and ecological crises into constructive, collaborative action. Learn more and Register HERE