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Elder Circles

Members of the Conscious Elders Network are forming local circles that meet in person so that elders can support each other in their inner development and outer activism. Each CEN Elder Circle reflects the interests and needs of the group and allows opportunity for personal growth as well as taking action either collectively or individually for a healthier world.

Circles meet regularly in person:

To develop camaraderie and to bond together for personal growth exploration, group synergy, inspiration, motivation, and education;

To be heard and to share thoughts, resources, experiences and encouragement regarding outer activism projects;

To mentor ourselves and to study together what it means to be a conscious elder (how to live an engaged conscious life in service to the welfare of life on earth);

To provide the forum for sharing personal ideas on meaningful elder hood and to deepen in that together;

To take the lead in re-inventing ourselves as a human species, including our elder roles as wisdom keepers;

To practice deepening and balancing our inner being with our outer experiences – activism or otherwise;

To learn about and discuss local, regional and national issues concerning social and economic justice, sound governance, environmental stewardship, and sustainable living; and

To support national initiatives such as CEN’s Grandparents Climate Action Day or the upcoming Elders Standing for Democracy Spring.

Locale-Specific Goals:

Plan and support local and regional CEN introductory events or CEN-sponsored courses or group activities.

Plan and/or support an activism project initiated within the Elder Circle, or brought to the group by a circle member.

It is important to be mindful that Elder Circles are explicitly not: gripe sessions; therapeutic sessions; recreational or social in nature, or primarily focused on inner spiritual work such as meditation and yoga.

If you would like to start or join an Elder Circle, please contact Constance Washburn.